5 Places to Find Notary Services

Most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting documents notarized. From something as simple as an application for your child’s birth certificate to something more complicated such as an estate plan, it can be hard to know where to go to have these things notarized. The list below is a great starting point if you’re feeling lost:

UPS Store

With locations in all 50 states, you can probably find a UPS Store nearby. Each state has their own laws regarding how much a notary can charge; for example, in the state of California the law states that a notary cannot charge more than $15 per signature—note that this is not per document, which may contain several signatures. It is recommended to call the store to find out their rates per signature, as well as what their notary hours are as most UPS stores have limited hours for their notary services. 


A handful of states have physical American Automobile Association (AAA) locations, where members have access to discounted notarization fees. Contact your local AAA office to find out their discounted per-signature rates.

Mailbox Stores

This is a great option! While the UPS Store has more limited hours, often mom-and-pop mailbox stores, or even chain stores like Postal Annex, have notaries on site most of the time. The fee is the same as a UPS store as it is regulated by state laws. You can google one or go on Yelp to find one.


Some banks have notary services available to their clients. Typically it requires an appointment and is free of charge, but as always, check with your banking institution.

Mobile Notary

This is the best option if you have documents of a sensitive nature that you prefer to keep confidential, or if you need a notary to travel to you. This option is more costly, but well worth the extra cost if you have numerous documents that need to be notarized as most mobile notaries charge a travel fee and the fee allowed by each state. A mobile notary may be your only choice if you need to involve a loved one who is in a care facility. You can search online for mobile notaries and inquire about their pricing.

A few things to keep in mind when searching for notary services:

  • You will need to have a current, non-expired government issued ID such as a Drivers License or Passport.
  • I9 forms cannot be notarized by anyone who is not an immigration specialist so the above options will not apply for that form, and you will need to find a notary that is also an immigration specialist for those cases.
  • Every state has different laws regulating the fees that notaries can charge per signature.

There are a number of options to turn to when you are looking for notary services, so be sure to call for more information to avoid being surprised by the fees or availability of the notary.

Kelly Moore is a mobile notary and certified signing agent who provides an excellent experience for her signers. She does her job thoroughly and takes the time to connect with every client—even the furry ones. Kelly services most areas within Los Angeles County, as well as parts of San Bernardino County and Orange County. For more information, contact Kelly at (626) 610-6252 or kelly@kmmobilenotary.com.

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