What Are You Paying For?

When hiring someone to mow the grass in your yard, you expect them to do a good and thorough job. The same goes for when you pay for a car wash, get a haircut, or go out for a meal. When you pay for a service, you expect that you are paying for it to be done right. If the job is not done right, it can be frustrating to hire someone else to do it again, or to spend the time fixing it yourself.

As an experienced notary and signing agent, Kelly Moore prides herself in providing the very best experience for all of her clients—escrow companies and each individual signer alike. Every signing is uniquely different; she goes above and beyond to pay attention to the small details and ensure that every job is done right the first time. She enjoys engaging in conversation with signers—and their pets, too! She always has handmade cat and dog toys with her and loves to give them to signers’ pets.

Three years ago, Kelly helped her elderly father move from Fargo, North Dakota, to Los Angeles County to live with her. His days are filled with TV show marathons and football games, spending time with his Golden Retriever Nico, and hand-sewing pet toys. While Kelly distributes quite a lot of these toys at her signings, there always seem to be more than she can give away. Whenever this surplus of toys becomes too great, Kelly and her father Ed take giant bags of them to local animal shelters to donate the toys to homeless cats and dogs.

Making these pet toys by hand not only gives Ed something to do in his spare time, but also a sense of purpose. His purpose in doing good for others has been multiplied through Kelly’s mobile notary work, blessing an even wider audience outside of local animal shelters.

When hiring notaries and signing agents through signing companies, you can never be sure of who or what to expect. Some notaries may not be very experienced, some may not represent the escrow company well, and some may not do a thorough job—the list of what-if’s is a mile long when you don’t know who you are hiring.

Kelly Moore is a mobile notary and certified signing agent who provides an excellent experience for her signers. She does her job thoroughly and takes the time to connect with every client—even the furry ones. Kelly services most areas within Los Angeles County, as well as parts of San Bernardino County and Orange County. For more information, contact Kelly at (626) 610-6252 or kelly@kmobilenotary.com.


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